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Flask LDAP3 Login allows you to easily integrate your flask app with an LDAP directory. It can be used as an extension to Flask-Login and can even be used with Flask-Principal for permission and privilege management.

Flask LDAP3 Login uses the ldap3 library, maintaining compatability with python 3.4 and backwards.

Flask LDAP3 Login Will:
  • Allow you to query whether or not a user’s credentials are correct
  • Query the directory for users details
  • Query the directory for group details
  • Query the directory for users group memberships
  • Provide a contextual ldap_manager.connection object (ldap3.Connection) which can be used in any flask request context. Useful for writing your own more advanced queries.
Flask LDAP3 Login Wont:
  • Provide a login/logout mechanism. You need to provide this with something like flask-login
  • Provide any extension to the application’s session. User tracking and group tracking should be done via flask-login and flask-principal

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